Tree Removal

Showing tree that was cut down on residential property

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There is no denying that trees are vital to every community. Trees provide us with oxygen, store harmful carbon, moderate climate by providing shade, stabilize the soil in our gardens, and most importantly – provide a home to our community’s wildlife.

However, there are circumstances when trees bring more harm than benefits to a local community, and they need to be removed.

Please use this page as an opportunity to learn more about tree removal and what it takes to do this job effectively and safely in our wonderful city. 

Most homeowners that we run into don’t know very much about the tree removal process. There are so many variables during one of these procedures, that it takes an expert with years of experience to keep the percentages safely on our side.

Mankind has been taking down trees for a very long time and there are many techniques and emerging technologies that are used to perform these daunting tasks. Let’s review some of the most common practices:

Felling the whole tree

Our expert arborist will make sure a rope is tied to the top of the tree and the tree will be measured. In most of our neighborhoods, there is not enough room to take down the entire tree at once. Usually we will have to take it down in sections.

If there is enough room, our professional will judge the lean of the tree, any defects, and any sign that the notch will give way early.

Once this has been performed, the process of cutting and notching the tree begins. This process can be very complex with 5 to 10 different steps. Everything from the first cut to the back cut must be performed properly.

Cutting the tree in sections

This process begins with our arborist dismantling the tree in his mind. Before he even touches the tree, he’ll have an idea of how each piece will be cut and removed. He will then set his rigging to a central location on the tree and then will remove the limbs. When only the trunk remains, it will be cut into workable sized pieces. Sometimes we will be able to drop the limbs, sometimes we will have to lower them by a rope, and sometimes the landing spot will be 20 or 30 feet away from the tree. All of these require an excellent rope man on the ground. He adjust the speed of the limbs dissent along with the swing rate. He must be precise to hit his targets correctly. This is serious work and an untrained person should never be climbing, cutting or working the rope. Property damage and serious injuries are very common.


Removing a tree with the crane is like a step into the tree cutting future. We are able to be very delicate and meticulous in cutting and swinging massive pieces of wood through the air, to their landing spot. It is a very efficient way to go about this process. There’s a lot that goes into driving one of these cranes and being accurate with its use. We won’t bore them with you here, but it is advisable to never let an uncertified person use a crane on your property. It is a multiple person job and everyone needs to be doing their job correctly to be successful.

When it hits the ground

The most impressive part of our operation is always once the tree is on the ground. Our team dismantles huge trees in almost no time at all. If a woodchuck could chuck wood it would want to chuck wood like our guys chuck wood. They are like angry termites that will stop at nothing until everything is gone. We also make sure everything is used afterwards and nothing is wasted. The wood goes to mills and is used to produce mulch, paper, furniture, etc.

We don’t need to explain any more how serious and dangerous this work can be. If you can be left with anything, we want it to be that you should never try this yourself or with your friends and neighbors who aren’t certified. If you’re unsure as to whether you actually need a tree removed, give us a call and we’ll talk it through. Will also be glad to send somebody out to give you an expert assessment. Just let us know how we can help!

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Hiring a tree removal service may seem overwhelming at first. Yet, we hope that this page has lessened your burden of learning all about tree removal.

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