Residential & Commercial Services

Beautiful home with great tree life and healthy bushes

Master Tree Service, Greenville has an extensive history of performing tree service work for residences as well as commercial properties.

We give the same transparency, professionalism and consideration to a one time residential client as we do for a return commercial account. When it comes to delivering timely, quality service – there’s no job our certified arborists can’t handle. 



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Trees can be beautiful assets to your business’s property that add a touch of naturalism to a concrete world. They can also become a hazard and an eye sore. If trees are leaning or dying, this is a major hazard and could result in lawsuits or even worse – loss of life.

If we had it our way, no one in our beautifully city would ever be harmed by a falling branch or leaning trunk, but it happens all the time. 

When it comes to quality tree service work in the state of South Carolina, we know our company possesses the best processes and expertise.

We are proud to bolster our impressive reputation and our accomplishments. Some of our certifications include: 

  • Certified Arborist Associate
  • International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) member
  • Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) member


Our company delivers solutions to every tree service need that can come up in our beautiful state. Even though our location is based out of Greenville, SC, our reach stretches throughout Greenville county.

We are more than willing to travel outside our typical range to help you with your specific needs. Sometimes there’s just not a reputable or capable enough company available near you.

Tree Masters Greenville can solve that quickly and efficiently so you can get back to what’s important.


We love trees and what they provide for a residence or business. But here in Greenville County, especially Greenville, SC, we get plenty of sun and rain. Combine this with our fertile foothill soil and tree life has everything it needs to grow beyond its use. Our beautiful pine, oak, walnut, birch, beech, poplar, etc. provide so much aesthetic to our city, but only when it’s under control.

Our mission is to keep Greenville both beautiful and safe while providing you with the best value the industry has to offer. When tree and plant life becomes a nuisance, call Tree Masters Greenville.

We will be glad to assess your specific situation, make recommendations and schedule a time to make your problem disappear. Our residential and commercial clients receive exactly the same high level of care. 

There’s no job we can’t handle, big or small. Give your professional Greenville arborists a call today at 864-428-0615.