The Best Tree Service in Mauldin

Mauldin is an up-and-coming city in the south center of Greenville County.  Simpsonville is located to the southeast and Greenville to the northwest. 

U.S. Route 276 and Interstate 385 both run through the town, making it a hub for easy travel and adding to its growth every year. 

Tree Masters Greenville has served Mauldin for years and we consider it an honor.  We love that the residents here trust our service and call us on a regular basis. 

Mauldin is home to some massive oaks and old growth.  We’re happy to take on these big jobs to keep the community beautiful and safe.

A Spotlight on Mauldin

Mauldin has a long and rich history.  It dates back to 1784 when Benjamin Griffith was awarded the very first land grant.  It’s interesting how the name came about. 

In 1820, the town basically adopted the name Mauldin after South Carolinas lieutenant governor W.L. Mauldin.  The train station was named after the governor due to his work in getting the railroad to come through the village. 

Things looked bleak for the city during and after the civil war.  Most men left to fight, and the area virtually became a ghost town.  However, after WWII, the town started gaining citizens and became incorporated in 1960.

One of Mauldin’s claims to fame is the supermarket chain BI-LO.  It was founded in Mauldin and has been headquartered there for the past 10 years.

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tree removal

We will remove trees of all sizes from commercial and residential property.  Our goal is safety and cost effectiveness.

Tree trimming

We will trim lower branches, deadwood and shape the tree crown.  Our goal is improved safety while keeping aesthetic value.

tree services

We offer a wide range of services including: tree pruning, lot clearing, emergency service, stump removal and more.

Serving Mauldin

Mauldin has a fun, diverse community with powerful connections and fun ways to spend time.  It’s a wonderful place for the arts.  Music and theatre are huge here and the community gathers around these types of events.  Festivals are also a popular way to spend time and meet other residents. 

If you need any sort of tree service, give Tree Masters Greenville a call.  We’re quickly becoming one of the best tree service companies in South Carolina.  We’ll treat you like family from the first call to the last branch.

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